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You have probably seen a lot of sites with fun coloring pages and coloring games before. We offer a free coloring pages code-script that allows you to create your own coloring book with personal images (pictures or photos) in matter of seconds. Our code offers following functions:
  • Coloring Pages Script
  • Easy resize of the original picture
  • Customizable background colors and zoom
  • Multiple Image Format Support
  • Easy Site Integration
  • Support for frames and iframes
  • Add the following HTML Code to your webpage to create a fun to play coloring page. You will also have to modify your picture tag and include " id='coloring' " so the script can identify the picture on the page and use it for the coloring.
    Coloring Pages Code and Coloring Book Script
    Place the picture you would like to use for the coloring page on a website (you should be able to see it as a regular picture) and copy the following HTML code right below it.
    Modifications, disassembly or re-distribution of any part or portion or the whole of the Site/Application or any of its individual code functions is strictly prohibited.

    You can customize the coloring pages for your own site by providing colors and zoom. Our system allows you to select many different styles and functions for your own coloring book. You can customize default colors, zoom and picture. Just copy the code below the picture and start playing with values. Color selector is coming soon...
    Coloring Pages Advanced Code
    Use the following code example to adjust the style of the coloring page to "fit" your site. You have to adjust the values of the variables to match your style.
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    Below you can find an example of what Coloring Page may look like on your site.

    Try your own picture now
    Upload and color any of your own pictures (jpg, gif or png file format).

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